Hilariously Photos of People Posed as If They Have Just Fallen by Sandro Giordano


In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_03In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_02In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_07In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_08In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_09In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_10In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_06In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_05In_Extremis_New_Photos_of_People_Posed_as_If_They_Have_Just_Fallen_by_Sandro_Giordano_2014_04in-extremis-bodies-with-no-regret-remmidemmi-sandro-giordano-14tumblr_nxqkdfFUNi1ql08jto9_500Hilariously Photos of People Posed as If They Have Just Fallen by Sandro Giordano


Photographer Sandro Giordano has a darkly hilarious series on Instagram titled “In Extremis“ (bodies with no regret)’ featuring people posed as if they have just fallen. Meticulously-staged and styled, he captures his subjects in awkward and uncomfortable-looking positions while surrounded by their belongings, always with an object in hand. According to Giordoan, the series comments on the willingness of people to place their material possessions before their own safety. He was inspired to start it after a bicycle accident where he lost 30% of the function in his right hand, because he didn’t let go of the object he was holding as he fell.



3 thoughts on “Hilariously Photos of People Posed as If They Have Just Fallen by Sandro Giordano

  1. The wheelchair photo speaks to me particularly as it’s happened to me when my chap was not looking what he was doing. And I broke my hip by stubbornly holding onto a dish that I didn’t want to break!


  2. The reasoning behind it makes it so much better! I had seen the girl with the car and liquor bottles but knew nothing of this series. Some of the objects in hand add an unexpected layer, especially the bloody cleaver.


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