Shooting Sea Fireflies Lighting Up the Rocks On a Japanese Beach


Shooting Sea Fireflies Lighting Up the Rocks On a Japanese Beach

This series of images was made using bio-luminescent shrimp as the blue light source. It was photographed in Okayama, Japan, which is home to these rare and beautiful creatures.  The bio-luminescent shrimp are scientifically known as Vargula hilgendorfii, but are more commonly referred to as sea fireflies and locally known as “umihotaru.” They are 3mm in length and live in the sand in shallow sea water, usually in the range between high and low tide. They feed at night which means they are actively swimming in the water close to shore.
There is something magical about shooting bio-luminescence. Working together with friends to capture it in a photo makes the experience even more enjoyable. We look forward to the fall when we will shoot some bio-luminescent mushrooms for the first time. Hopefully we can share those images with you as well.
A more detailed tutorial can be found here. Our guide to capturing forest fireflies, with detailed editing information, and which may be useful for capturing sea fireflies can be found here.
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