The magic Tokyo, neon lights of the streets at night captured by Liam Wong


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The magic Tokyo, neon lights of the streets at night captured by Liam Wong

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Liam Wong  injects a unique cyberpunk flavour into his images, casting a light upon the dark corners and back alleys that twist throughout Tokyo. His photographs manage to precisely capture the dynamism of the bustling city lit by bright neon signs and artificial lights, making one question the reality depicted in each photograph. With a distinct futuristic feel, most of bWong’s portfolio gives the sense that you were dropped into the middle of a stylish video game set in Japan’s animated capital.

h/t: mymodernmet / Liam Wong


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4 thoughts on “The magic Tokyo, neon lights of the streets at night captured by Liam Wong

    1. Thank you! Yes! I agree! This artist is famous.
      The people prefer images where the streets are too bright, showy, thinking it is, “the must”!
      (An example that I often see on the WorPress Discover, because here everyone is a photographer …)
      It’s been a long time since I know the difference between good and bad artists. To know the good taste this is learned.
      If I find the blogger and his pictures, I show you.
      I would like to know your opinion! if possible.
      _The fine art must be done in shade with a good taste of detail; For there to be magic.
      It’s a bit like making love. I think.
      Very few pseudo-photographers do not capture the very essence, how to dose; Brightness, intensity, angles etc …
      Thus obtaining a perfect aesthetically homogeneous mixture and a trait of mistery.


    1. Thank you dear,
      You have good taste, of course!
      That’s what I say, I see so many photographs, all styles of different artists.
      We end up seeing those who come out of the ranks, those who are brilliant.
      But it is proved that it is a minority of passionate connoisseurs who have that developed sense that never deceives.

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Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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