Surreal Animal Paintings by Martin Wittfooth


Surreal Animal Paintings by Martin Wittfooth

At Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Through his paintings, Martin Wittfooth presents a world which is dystopian by its very definition. The Earth he depicts is void of human life, and filled with strong symbolic implications that the root cause is of our own making; pricipally … Read More
h/t:WOW x WOW

4 thoughts on “Surreal Animal Paintings by Martin Wittfooth

  1. These are powerful, provoking images that linger and allow the mind to wander. Thank you for sharing them. Peace, Harlon


Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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