Majestic Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent (nsfw)


 « Poussière d’Etoiles » is a series produced by the French photographer Ludovic Florent.

His project consisted in capturing dancers movement which were enhanced by adding flour. The powder leaves a trail behind, emphasizing the movement as in slow motion films or like there is a soul following them. Take a look at the astonishing effects obtained in the picture and movie below.

(h/t: Inspirationist )


7 réflexions sur “Majestic Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent (nsfw)

    1. lad you enjoyed it and thank you for appreciating the videos that I put in bonus.
      I like all artists,
      Did you click on the links?
      Do they work?
      You have to tell me, otherwise.

      I would like to post a lot more, and why not nsfw, but the artists have few reblogs on this site.

      In another art blog imagine that there was an average per post in 2 weeks;
       500 to 1000 likes and reblogs
      and the top posts:
      15,000 reblogs, sometimes more, on the tumblr platform.

      Here on WP a lot of thanks but stagnation too.

      I have requirements to fulfill, I share and represent the art of artists, not mine: it is a passion that can be frustrating.

      Whoever has not experienced so much effervessence around his publications, can perhaps be satisfied with 2000 bloggers, making conversation in the comments.

      No, I can not do that anymore. Success is a drug.

      Well, I tell you all this for comparison.
      I know the explanations now.
      Fortunately I am a philosopher …

      Do not make me a long speech, but just like to discover again and again!

      What will lighten my displeasure, will be lovers of art, like you.🌻

      See you soon

      Aimé par 1 personne

    2. Thanks for comment and the compliment to me 🙂
      I understand your disappointment and, even frustration, but, from my own point of view, you are getting a nice number of « likes » (I have never reached more than 20 in the best cases -but not precisely my best and most time-consuming posts-…)
      About reshares, my posts have deserved just two so far, in more than a year. But I do not really mind, since I publish mainly for my own need and personal satisfaction.
      As for NSFW material, I’ve published a few private things, but I don’t consider WP is the right place for it and I decided to delete them or keep them private.
      Oh, I’ve clicked now on the links, and they work all right.
      (I hope you do not think this is too “long” a speech :))
      Hugs and my best wishes – and congratulations for you sustained splendid posting ! 💙 — See you again 😉


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