Wild horses by Andrew McGibbon

469355-785x589469363-785x431Wild horses by Andrew McGibbon

Andrew McGibbon, is a photographer from South Africa. He wanted to play tribute to wild horses, with a collection of pictures named, “All the Wild Horses”, glorifying all animals curves.

“For thousands of years the horse has been mankind’s closest ally. The horse made travel and development possible. We tethered, weighted and reigned them. We captured, stabled and trained them.

Ever willing, the horse was the magnificent tool of man’s ingenuity. The Horse is a beast of legend, taking on its own character, personality, emotion and mythology.
However, with the advent of the steam engine the horse was made obsolete, and now they are resigned to the realm of shows and races, a world of equestrian sport, a mere shadow of the beast’s former glory.

‘All The Wild Horses’ is a tribute to the beast that has made much of what we call life possible. The images are unique and have a style to them reminiscent of the portraiture of the rich and famous. The artist has attempted, and succeeded, to show a sense of personality and emotion – sadness in some cases and pride in others.

This body of work is about the horse itself to which we all feel a connection, whether it’s obvious or deep down in our collective subconscious. There is a sense of awe that this beast inspires in each and everyone of us.

“All the wild horses, tethered with tears in their eyes. May no man’s touch ever tame you, may no man’s reigns ever chain you. And may no man’s weight ever lay freight your soul” ~ Ray Lamontagne

4 thoughts on “Wild horses by Andrew McGibbon

    1. Dulce Maria
      Gracias por su lealtad y sus amables palabras y sus muchos comentarios.
      Usted es persona gratamente positivo.
      “Flow Art Station ” fue diseñado para ser un sitio de arte atractivo.
      Como curadores, nuestro objetivo es publicar temas culturales que refleja nuestra sociedad.
      Después de una cuidadosa investigación, existe en primer lugar: la enseñanza.
      Nuestro contenido es lo suficientemente ecléctico para todos!
      También siguiendo los enlaces de texto; a descubrir artistas con talento, por lo que se puede aprender más sobre el arte.

      Compartir, transmitir a los demás, pasar más tarde, nuestra llama de la pasión por el arte.
      sí la creación es una revuelta para algunos, o una renuncia a los demás; Sigue siendo, sin embargo, el testimonio de tiempo de una parte de la humanidad.
      Realmente gracias.
      (Lleno de felicidad para usted)


Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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