Type it in Color: Tyree Callahan’s Chromatic Typewriter

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Type it in Color: Tyree Callahan’s Chromatic Typewriter

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American painter converted old typewriter from 1930s into a machine that prints colors instead of letters. Tyree Callahan , who was born in Bisbee, Arizona and now lives in Washington, says his creation came about through an experiment. He wanted to add type to a watercolor, but when he fed his painted paper through his typewriter, he wondered what the keys could type if they were fitted with colors instead of letters.

And so, his Chromatic Typewriter was born. The model is currently up for popular vote in the 2012 West Prize competition.

 “The idea for the Chromatic Typewriter came about one day in the studio as I was struggling along with a watercolor. I have an old Olivetti typewriter laying around and I thought to add some text to the watercolor. I rolled the watercolor into the carriage and started typing and that’s when the inspiration struck“.


2 thoughts on “Type it in Color: Tyree Callahan’s Chromatic Typewriter

  1. Wow! It’s one thing to come up with an idea, but to bring such a complicated (to me) technique to life so beautifully is just amazing!


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