25 Of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom

animal-parents-32Image credits: Edwin Kats 


25 Of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom


A parent’s love for their child knows no boundaries, and this is true both of us and of our animal friends. In these heartwarming photos of animal parenting, you’ll recognize many of the same tender and stressful childhood moments that you may have also experienced as a parent or a child.

Ecologists tend to separate animals into two groups based on their parenting – the r and K categories. The K category includes animals like elephants, cats, and us – animals that have relatively few offspring with longer gestational periods. Their fewer offspring require more focused care, and for a longer time – the sort of parenting we’re used to. Parents from the r category go for quantity over quality, with many offspring that grow quickly and individually have small chances of survival.


h/t: Bored Panda

5 thoughts on “25 Of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom

    1. Animals are “everything” for me?. Even if art holds a great, it helps me hold on, in our cruel world.
      But I often weep, I suffer with them, when I still see all that men make them undergo.
      And how many people are insensitive to their pain.
      I hesitated to open a blog for their cause. I try to do my best with my own means. I send messages in some of my publications.
      I’d like to do more.
      Thank you

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