A Golden Retriever Art Critic Sniffs Out Masterpieces

A Golden Retriever Art Critic Sniffs Out Masterpieces

Ella Fitzgerald is not only artist Julia Powell’s companion, but she’s also the artist’s toughest critic.

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With her discerning eye, 6-year-old golden retriever Ella has been caught staring at various pieces of landscape artwork three days in a row — which is quite rare, according to Powell. In a phone call Thursday afternoon, Powell said when Ella’s looking at the painting she “has this hilarious expression on her face.” That expression makes Powell “extrapolate she’s thinking all these deep philosophical thoughts.”

The artist even gave Ella some glasses to inspect the work more carefully.

Powell has some theories as to why her dog can’t look away. One is that the pooch is drawn to the blues and greens of her water scene oil paintings. She said she tested out showing the dog orange and red paintings, like one of birch trees, and the canine didn’t have much interest.


Another is that Ella enjoys the smells of the canvases. So this might have nothing to do with the visuals. “I wouldn’t call her particularly focused,” Powell said about her dog.

The third — and definitely the most likely theory — is that Ella is a genius art critic and she’s seeing something that the human eye can’t even comprehend.


Powell shared the first video of Ella’s discerning gaze with the caption, “When you walk into your studio and your dog is just staring at your work and then she looks at you like you are the one who’s interrupting… My dog, Ella Fitzgerald, annoyed art critic.”

Julia Powell’s art click here.

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4 thoughts on “A Golden Retriever Art Critic Sniffs Out Masterpieces

  1. It’s interesting the way she slowly closes her eyes while she looks at them, evidently it’s very soothing to her. It’s one thing to see a dog watch TV with all the movement and sound, but to see one so captured by paint on a canvas… wonder what she’s thinking.


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