Bright lights of Las Vegas captured from 10,800ft by Vincent Laforet


Bright lights of Las Vegas captured from 10,800ft by Vincent Laforet 


  • Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet took to the skies at night to capture these breathtaking shots

  • Part of a larger project, entitled AIR: Sin City 10.8K, which is a follow up to his New York City lights series

Famous photographer Vincent Laforet takes amazing night photos of urban cities, and his amazing photos of Las Vegas are no exception. Laforet, who has also photographed New York similarly, turns Sin City into an incredible neon metropolis surrounded by a desert of darkness.

The photographer ascended with a helicopter to 10,800 feet above sea level to get the best view. It took him a lot of courage to take the step out onto the skids, but his fear disappeared once he saw the view. The City of Sins became an island of light. The professional equipment he used allowed him to take the high-quality crystal-clear pictures that he has dreamed of capturing for decades.

Via laforetvisuals  h/t: sploid


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