The Poetic Painting of Alexandra Levasseur

The Poetic Painting of Alexandra Levasseur

Oneiric and poetic Alexandra Levasseur’s work puts into scene tormented feminine figures in dream-like landscapes. As she tells us, she believes that wo
men still remain the symbol for the expression of universal emotions such as love, fear, anguish and unrequited desire which are the central themes for her art. Alexandra Levasseur explores both, the loneliness and the bipolarity of the human state of existence through the representation of memories.
“I’m looking for relations between the comfort of the body and the quietness of the spirit and how the surrounding environment can affect states of mind. This has pushed me to further my thoughts on the idea of relationships as the basic component of all that exists and the life itself.”
(h/t:  iGNANT)

5 thoughts on “The Poetic Painting of Alexandra Levasseur

    1. I tried to make the best always, i had 4000000 followers and for one post 5000 at 20 000 “like” and “reblog”, and even more!
      I am very disappointed with WordPress; this is not dyamic, nor exponentially.
      The bloggers are old spirits, true narcicissists.
      I hate this mentality of snobbery, you would believe in a sect,or a like for a like a comments for a … etc …
      Say, I bought the domain. I’m annoyed.
      Vanina Lys

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    2. Dear friend

      Without any doubt, your art is really good and I like it too – my sister is also a real good artist and has many galaries. She also uses the social media trying to get some more contacts or that she can sell some of her paintings – but very seldom this is the fact. However, those who are interested in her art they often come because she is already known (through her gallaries exhibitions. Try to find places too where you can exhibit your wonderful art, I am sure that many people would like it, however, to get many likes and reblogs that does not really help I would say – in the end you do not see the forest because you have too many trees there… so I would like to advise you not to have too much expections from the social media – when you do not have any expectations then you cannot have any disappointment. One thing is also important: If we do not know the person or persons in full, means their lives, their habits, their life story, their background etc. how can we then judge them because of a view words and even when many people wear masks in the social media and are possibly different from what they are really in reality and give us a wrong picture – even then we are unable to judge them. And if you would be judged in the same way – how would you feel?
      We all are humans and noone is perfect but we can contribute something in our world when we have respect and better understanding to each other. Even with our thoughts alone when thinking bad of others we can pollute the “spititual atmosphere” among people. Also thoughts have reactions, as everything else has (cause and effect – in words and deeds likewise)

      I wish you really success for your art.

      All the best


    3. You have to go to the obvious;
      You pollute, yourself, in your intolerance,
      and your fear.
      Criticism is necessary and natural for a lucid mind.
      Freedom of expression you forgot.
      Your notion of deduction is reduced, as is your open-mindedness!

      Your level of spirituality is at zero.
      And it is not you who will raise the atmosphere.

      Because you thought to be judged.
      you have to launch your preaching, disgusting, until the nausea, of good feelings.

      You have not grasped the degree of joke.

      The danger does not always come, as we expected it!
      It is you who have an evil spirit.

      It is normal to have a sufficiently objective opinion about people when they are studied.

      So your impulse was to write me your anguish of internal conflict: with a denial of reality.

      Your moralisation, the explanation of the imperfect individual: it’s yourself.
      Just listening to someone’s opinion, without you giving yours,
      it’ s called respect.

      So do not do sermon to an atheist.
      Nor talk him about respect.

      All what you think, not has any kind of importance for me.
      Do not tell me that you love my art, it is impossible to believe you.
      Because you are not coherent. You contradict yourself in your sentences: they are empty of meaning.
      Without conviction,ou will not have to swallow your stories your metaphysical stories of awakening consciousness.
      Yours never woke up.

      That is to say that you are in the perversion and you do not know it.
      The moralization, the explanation of the imperfect individual: again yourself.
      It is your only defense mechanism.

      You are one of those Mannichean people who do not know, or do not want to see, the infinite nuances of a fact.

      Because your reasoning tilts only between the negative and the positive; You will never have the true discernment of things.

      You always talk about yourself.

      Yet,,unveiling the truth is a source of healing.
      Passivity may be more dangerous than a word freed from an obstruction.
      Because words are freeing, they are healing.
      The reverse causes symptoms and repression.
      This is how organic cancers evolve.

      Avoid giving moralistic lessons when you are not well instructed.
      I do not expect any advice from you.
      Where to listen to all your sales pitches
      No, thought does not act on atoms.
      It’s a little more complex than that …
      The abyss of space have gradually influenced philosophical thought.

      “Philosophy is a struggle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of our language”

      Do not play the teacher again, as long as you underestimate the other.

      For information:
      . I publish the work of the artists; Not mine.
      . I am neither your friend nor your sister, and I certainly do not need to listen to your childlike references.

      Don’t speak never me this way.

      Think about this:
      _ Why people do not see the beam in their own eye?


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Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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