Mysterious Wildcats by Joel Sartore

Leopard Cat
Canada Lynx
clouded leopard
African Wildcat
Rusty Spotted Cat Golden Cat
Sand Cat
Asiatic Wildcat
Leopard Cat
Eurasian Lynx
Fishing Cat
Iberian Lynx
Palla’s Cat
Marbled Cat
Melanistic (black) Asian Golden Cat
Genetta maculata’s Cat Cat


Mysterious Wildcats by Joel Sartore

In this series for National Geographic, Joel Sartore offers a unique view on worldwide wildcats typologies. If we are quite used to commun cats, wildcats remain for us a quite unknown animals category. This small predators are adapted to various environments all over the world. This series confirms that felines are of course very commun but still curious specie.
h/t: Fubiz
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12 thoughts on “Mysterious Wildcats by Joel Sartore

  1. Just an hour ago I was watching his show on PBS “Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark.” Tonight was part 2 and next week is the final episode. It shows how he gets some of these pictures and how endangered some of these animals are. Amazing photography.


  2. Reblogged this on weggieboy's blog and commented:

    Feeling zapped today, but here are some fantastic photos by the Nebraskan photographer Joel Sartore to fill your need for more kitties, more! more! more! I understand your need. Andy and Dougy need a break today, too. We’re all dragging.


  3. Love them all …. But at this very moment I vote for the Sand Cat…..
    Hilarious and funny!
    Some of the other animals are completely new to me …
    Great collection, really!


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