Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

Estas Tonne, is a Ukrainian self-styled “modern day troubadour” who primarily plays the classical guitar in a style derived from Gypsy music.

Full name: Stanislav Tonne

4 thoughts on “Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

  1. Wow! I’m thankful for having discovered this interpreter and his music. Besides being so good, it touches a deep fibre inside me, since I have Romani descent and, precisely, my grand-grandparent came from somewhere in Ukraine and spoke the Romani dialect still widely used there (also in many parts of Russia and the Baltic countries: Xaladitka) . I know better Vlax Romani chib, but still can understand some Xaladitka. And I certainly LOVE this music 💜 ✨ !
    T’aves baxtalo/i !


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