Surreal Black and White Photography by Silvia Grav

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Surreal Black and White Photography by Silvia Grav

On Flickr page | Behance

Madrid-based photographer Silvia Grav‘s work is best described as “surreal.” Paired with poetic captions that Google Translate simply doesn’t do justice to, each black-and-white photo manipulation holds a deep artistic meaning.

Of course, surreal photography isn’t always ‘pretty.’ Much of her work could be categorized as creepy, strange or scary, but all of it takes conceptual photography to new heights as she mixes people with skeletons or dissolves her subject into a clouds of black smoke.

Many of the photos look to be multiple exposures, and though we’ve seen the technique used many time before, it’s clear that Grav has a knack for combining nature — in the form of stars, clouds, trees and waves — with portraits to create through-provoking compositions.



13 thoughts on “Surreal Black and White Photography by Silvia Grav

  1. Love these photos…. Captivating.

    Can i use the one where the light seems to pass through her on my blog?

    I’d like to write a poem on it if you don’t mind.

    Pls say yes…. It’s too compelling to not write about.


    1. I understand, your joy, I love them too … but these photos do not belong to me!
      What I am proposing to you is to do reblog and to remove the ones you want exceptionally.
      Just keep the artist’s credit (name, active link) and the name of the blog name (active link)!
      Thank you for the comment, thank you for loving art and these contemporary artists!
      follow us.


  2. No, i take that back.. I’d like to use a couple of them…. I’m currently dazzled by the artistic elements of the pictures….

    Plllllsssss. They need to be given voice in words.

    Adorable…. Simply.


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