Street Art by Julien Seth Malland


Street Art by Julien Seth Malland

Street Art by Seth Globepainter Graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, French artist Julien Seth Malland, aka Seth Globepainter, created large scale of murals on the street walls of many countries, India, China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, etc. Many of Malland’s works are collaboration with local artists and full of local cultural elements as well as artistic presentation.


47 thoughts on “Street Art by Julien Seth Malland

    1. HA HA! but I have not been able to travel, or even walk as much as you, but I know very great artists of mural art: the next one I am going to publish is well known and very particular; to see if you do not know him!
      So see you soon ostendnomadography!

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  1. This is absolutely stunning. Not only the colors and imagery itself, but also the ideas and creativity…. Amazing.

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    1. I removed it from my site. sorry to offend you I just wanted to make a path where others could follow to your posts and see it. I will not bother yours again. The art work is very interesting

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  2. Put some colors on those walls! Very nice!
    I just talked about street art on my blog too, it’s an interesting topic and I like to bump on it every now and again.
    I’ll share your post, have a nice day.

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    1. (Seth New Murals In Kharkiv, Ukraine)
      Me too it’s my favorite, I added it on purpose.
      But do the reblog, and if you want to remove the others exceptionally. or share facebook or pinterest!exprès.
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    1. Hi, Vadim, yes I think it’s the same! but do not worry! for you, I would make exceptions if necessary! I am in compassion with you and the families of these victims! How could they not get them out of the store? It’s incredible what a horror! you must be very shocked and angry!
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    2. Good morning, Vanina! Excuse me for delay with replying. The home bustle takes a plenty of time! Thank you for your compassion. It’s preciously. We have a huge perplexity about circumstances of the people’s death. There was an occasion of humans negligence with evacuation system and signalization. This peculiar especially for us, Russians. Very sad talking about it.

      Thank you for the remembrance, it’s pleasure to read! I’m all right, same old. I wish you cope with all concerns with the quickest way. And please, take care!

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      you got up early today!
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      I am sad for these families; they will be broken. I saw the videos … This kind of accident should not happen
      One feels impotent in front of such dramas.

      You know, I was raised by Catholic people, so it can bring me some kind of prayers.
      Your last email was not too flowery, it was well written.
      I really enjoyed it.
      It’s very nice to tell me to look after me.
      But I have been sick for a long time.
      Let’s stop talking about it.
      Have a nice day

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    4. Good evening, dear Vanina!

      Yes, I get up about 7 o’clock a.m. every day. Sometimes a little bit later, sometimes much more earlier. I like mornings!

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      Well, I promise you a rest with fireplace, chocolate etc. when you’ll come to Russia!

      So, especially thanks for sharing the information about Kemerovo. I don’t like a hype about incidents like this, but that was really terrible. Russian social media described the story in the details. It was horror. Enough about it.

      Thanks for good words on my English. I hope it becomes a little bit better. LOL I again repeated my words – please, take care! This evening brings a new fuss and I am going to the cinema watch ‘Unsane’. I think it’ll be interesting.

      See you again here and I wish you all very best!
      Heartly, Vadim

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