Simon Beck creates gigantic winter crop circles by walking in the snow



Simon Beck creates gigantic winter crop circles by walking in the snow

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Simon Beck  creates enormous works of snow art that look like giant wintry crop circles just by walking amidst white mountaintops and cozy ski lodges. Believe it or not, the immense snow patterns are made entirely by foot—Beck creates them while he walks across the terrain in briquette snow shoes. The ephemeral art installations last only until the mountain winds blow them away across the valleys.

Dotted across the snow-filled valleys of the Les Arc ski lodge in France, the artist creates giant snow patterns simply by stepping in strategic patterns and shapes. With no help from machinery, he makes perfect geometric shapes simply by walking around the snow field.

Beck is able to keep his snow installations near perfect using his expertise in orienteering. A navigational sport using maps and compasses, orienteering relies heavily on tracking precise points on unfamiliar terrain–a perfect skill for tracking the epic snow prints. Combined with his love of mathematical patterns, the snow prints can get pretty complicated and intricately beautiful.

Each of the snow installations can take Beck six hours to two days to complete, some longer than others if faced with rough or windy weather. Once completed, the artist does not touch them up, leaving their longevity to the whim of nature. The installations can last anywhere from several weeks to just a few days, as they are worn away by the mountain winds or fresh snowfall, wiping Beck’s canvas clean for his next artistic endeavor.

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