The Hybrid Creatures of Pantónio Flow Like Liquids on Walls and Buildings


 The Hybrid Creatures of Pantónio Flow Like Liquids on Walls and Buildings

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Herds of serpentine rabbits, schools of fish, and flocks of interwoven birds all feature prominently in these recent murals by Portuguese artist Pantónio. Many of the pieces seem to be swirling through water or comprised of liquid itself, often taking inspiration from creatures found in the Tagus river that flows through the middle of Portugal. Seen here are a collection of murals from Pantónio’s travels to Sweden, Morocco, Florida, and elsewhere.
Antonio Correia aka Pantónio (born in 1975) attended the workshops of sculpture, modeling, drawing and painting at the Institute of Culture of the Azores as a teenager. He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts of Cerveira and graphic arts at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, but it is in the street that the artist chose to exhibit his universe. With motifs and characters made in negative, we immediately recognize the style of Pantónio volumes that transcribed by a multitude of flexible lines and a minimalist color code black, white, blue sometimes enhanced with a bright color. Fluid forms, soft and above all a permanent movement that appears his work to an urban dance that he declines from country to country.


5 thoughts on “The Hybrid Creatures of Pantónio Flow Like Liquids on Walls and Buildings

  1. His work is awesome! I saw one of his murals in Covilha(woolfest) and immediately, I became a fan of his works! Thanks for sharing!

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