Alison Moritsugu Paints on Fallen Logs to Reflect Their Origins

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paisajes-naturales-pintados-sobre-troncos-de-madera_12 - CopieAgac_govdelerine_doga_resimleri_yapan_Alison_Moritsugu_7
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 Alison Moritsugu Paints on Fallen Logs to Reflect Their Origins

For her project between art and design, simply entitled Log paintings, the Hawaiian artist Alison Moritsugu wanted to pay tribute to forests and countryside, dramatically threatened by the destructive effects of industrialization.

The artist collects most of her canvases in the Northeast, opting for trees that have fallen from storms, or wood that is otherwise going into the chipper. She then lets the wood dry for five to 10 years, and treats it in an anaerobic chamber to prevent bugs.

In each of Moritsugu’s series, the shapes she uses move from loose and natural to concise and geometric. « This reinforced the idea that the land was moving from a natural state to a man-made one, » she explains.

Images courtesy of Alison Moritsugu. 

h/t: My Modern Met

19 réflexions sur “Alison Moritsugu Paints on Fallen Logs to Reflect Their Origins

  1. These are absolutely stunning. They would be arresting if she just did the paintings on the large-ish trunks but the hundreds of small ones (especially the sky) that make up a bigger image was wonderful. I am quite intrigued as to why she has chosen what looks like distinctly European style of painting that looks like its straight from the 18th century rather than any other.

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