Seung Mo Park’s Amazing Aluminum Wire Sculptures

Seung-Mo-Parks-Amazing-Human-Wire-Sculptures-1Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@Seung-Mo-Parks-Amazing-Human-Wire-Sculptures-2Seung-Mo-Parks-Amazing-Human-Wire-Sculptures-3Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@Seung-Mo-Parks-Amazing-Human-Wire-Sculptures-4Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@seungmopark11Aluminum-Wire-Sculptures-by-Seung-Mo-Park-1Seung Mo Park, Lógi Cult (3)Seung-Mo-Park_web16Seung-Mo-Park_web15Seung-Mo-Park_web17Seung-Mo-Park_web8Seung-Mo-Park_web9Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@ (68)Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@ (72)Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@ (61)
Sang Mo Park 4Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@impressive-wire-sculptures-by-richard-stainthorpAluminium-Wire-Sculpture_20 - CopieSang Mo Park Tutt'Art@Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@Sang Mo Park Tutt'Art@Seung-Mo-Park_web4Seung-Mo-Park_web10Seung-Mo-Park_web11Seung-Mo-Park_web20Seung Mo Park’s Amazing Aluminum Wire Sculptures

Brooklyn-based Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates incredibly detailed metallic sculptures by carefully manipulating aluminum wire. Each figure in his Human series of sculptures presents a remarkable attention to the delicate form of the human body (including wispy locks of hair) as well as the naturally flowing condition of draped garments.

Park’s sculptures capture the equally realistic wrinkles of scrunched up fabric and the curving details of one’s body. He is also as meticulous about representing a believable figure in a plausible position as he is about the placement of each wire strand. Upon close inspection, one can see just how tightly and uniformly the wires are composed, reflecting the time-consuming effort put into each piece. Like the rings of a tree, the wire designs offer a visual sense of time and texture.

Source: emptykingdom

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