Hula Paints A Series Of Stunning Portraits Seaside Murals While Balancing On A Paddleboard

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Sean Yoro Tutt'Art@
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Hula Paints A Series Of Stunning Seaside Murals While Balancing On A Paddleboard

Hula’s Website / on Instagram

Here we go with a stunning and unbelievably creative new way of painting murals. Meet Sean Yoro aka Hula, a NYC-based artist which decided to grab his surfboard, a bunch of acrylic paints, and get as far away from the street as possible!! This was definitely a genius move by Hula. The result is simply breathtaking and beautiful! In equilibrium on his surfboard, the Hawaii-native artist brought to life a series of beautiful portraits which perfectly integrates with the ocean. Everyone will forever be wondering if the rest of the women are hiding under the water.

Painter Sean Yoro, also known as HULA, draws attractive, tempting, charming and appealing paintings while floating on the calm waters while keeping his balance on a paddle board. His latest painting explains a beautiful girl painted on an discarded shipping yacht. Her image on the never-still waters changed it into such a lifelike image.

The artist, is inspired by artists of the Renaissance, he learned by himself the proficiency he uses with his oil paints. He works on a variety of different surfaces in his studio from broken surfboards to wooden panels.

All his paintings are portraits of women and have a hyper-realistic peculiarity due to the murals’ position above the water, they reflect perfectly into the waves.


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