Wonderful Portraits Of Different Owl Species By Brad Wilson

Barn Owl
Western Screech-Owl
Spectacled Owl
Mexican Spotted Owl
Great Horned Owl
Flammulated Owl
Eastern Screech-Owl
Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Long-Eared Owl


Wonderful Portraits Of Different Owl Species By Brad Wilson

In this stunning series by Brad Wilson, the photographer captures up-close portraits of different owl species. Each bird is set against a stark black background, and the brilliant vantage point allows us to marvel at their unique qualities. Tiny feathers, short beaks, and glassy eyes stare straight into the camera with an intense gaze.

From the newly launched site for the National Audubon Society, some gorgeous photos of owls from Brad Wilson website

It’s not easy to get owls to mug for the camera. Even in captivity the birds remain aloof, unruffled by the flash and unmoved by attempts to bribe them. Photographer Brad Wilson learned that lesson firsthand after trying to win over owls from the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis and The Wildlife Center near Espanola, New Mexico. He spent hours with each bird, trying to capture its direct gaze. “It’s hard to get animals to look at you like humans do,” he says. “That shot became my holy grail.”

source: Audubon



29 thoughts on “Wonderful Portraits Of Different Owl Species By Brad Wilson

    1. All my posts are great🏆! Ash.
      I’m naughty huh?

      It’s a play on words? a joke
      That’s it!
      I understood :
      “I do not know how to make the🦉 owl’s cry”:
      hoo hoo, hoo hoo.
      Here, I live in the countryside, so yes I know how to do it! ahhhh!

      And French was an expression be “owl”
      It means being cool.
      Ash you are “nice.”
      I have trouble with humor, in English!
      Can you teach me?
      I love humor, but I practice very bad language.
      You’re talking well, Ash where are you from?

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    2. Hey, I think you are doing fine with English. The countryside seems nice and I bet it is beautiful. I live in Newfoundland here’s a video I think you might like

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    3. Y561/5000
      Yes I remember, I think I read it somewhere
      This video is superb, what a breath of fresh air, very nice!
      I was there transported as if I felt lifted by the lightness of space and the quiet force that emerges …
      The lines of the landscape clear, round, pure along the coast all along as the thread of a work that we want to continue without ever finishing.
      We train in ballads outside time.

      yes I love.
      How lucky you are, you are in paradise!

      Post it on your Ash blog

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    4. Thanks for the kind words… You know what? I should post about it. Great idea. It is a beautiful place and I am glad you like it. My own piece of the world.

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    1. Thank you for this great photographer and National Audubon Society
      ahhh dear, please click on the links Aubudon publishes beautiful books on birds!
      see: National Audubon Society


    1. Of Course. Please Share this website with your Bird-Lover friends! 🙂


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