Digital Sculptures of Female Forms Rendered in Flowers by Jean-Michel Bihorel

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Digital Sculptures of Female Forms Rendered in Flowers by  Jean-Michel Bihorel 

More: instagram on Behance

Paris-based artist Jean-Michel Bihorel beginning with a dried hydrangea blossom, has digitally sculpted this delicate ‘flower figure’. a single bloom has been meticulously multiplied over the framework of a female anatomy, forming a surreal digital sculpture that blends the natural and physical worlds.

This experimental work has allowed him to explore the possibilities of realism from software to imagine a sculpture made of flowers, which seems natural.

Jean-Michel Bihorel compositions integrate a mix of 3D scanning techniques and procedural modeling — using houdini maya and redshift to create a sequence of carefully placed postures.

Via: on Behance

5 thoughts on “Digital Sculptures of Female Forms Rendered in Flowers by Jean-Michel Bihorel

    1. Thank you, I know well and many of these artists since years; I was surprised to discover their creativity, before you.
      All of this is to sat that I so made a program and I do not propose artists at random.

      I am curartice of content, online.
      This is one of my reasons to be: to transmit is a natural thing!
      This passion lasts for more than ten years and this source is inexhaustible, even if the art is an illusion, it helps me to support my life.
      It is regrettable that this platform does not host more lovers of contemporary art.
      To be honest with you.
      I have been on other blogs that have had a real success: a more big number of reblogs and followers.
      I am really disappointed here.
      And then this haggling of “like” tires me.
      I have never seen this elsewhere; it’s This is due to bad WP management!
      Good but I’m glad some of you, like you, who are passionate and very cultured love my choice of artists. Thank you.
      I just have to clear a point with you; about the fact that I do not come often on your blog and it is unfortunately not the only one …
      I do not see the “recent articles” and others… I have trouble reading.
      The whole theme is narrow and the writing small for me.
      (I am visually impaired, I have to put filters and zoom everywhere;
      it shifts everything …
      In short I love the topics of your blog is one of the most pointed on wordPress and I congratulate you.
      I’m sorry, if l had appearing as a thankless.
      If there is a blog that deserves appreciation it’s yours.
      This is said!
      I hope I have not hurt you or disturbed you.
      You are welcome and I will make an effort to come and read you!
      I wish you the best!

      Vanina Lys 🌸🌈

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Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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