Unbelievable Lion Sculpture Made from Hammered Steel by Selcuk Yilmaz


Unbelievable Lion Sculpture Made from Hammered Steel by Selcuk Yilmaz

Turkish artist Selcuk Yilmaz created this unbelievable lion sculpture from 4,000 pieces of hammered metal. Entitled Aslan, the sculpture took the artist 10 months to complete and weighs approximately 250 kg (551 pounds). The sculpture measures 330 cm long by 185 cm tall (10.8 ft x 6.06 ft)

Every piece of metal used was hand cut and hammered by the artist. The detail in the close-up images below really demonstrate how incredible this sculpture is.

 Via: Colossal


18 thoughts on “Unbelievable Lion Sculpture Made from Hammered Steel by Selcuk Yilmaz

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  2. Bon, hé bien moi c’était juste pour dire que je trouve (comme tous les “likeurs”) que ce lion est tout simplement… fabuleux ! Superbe travail !
    Bonne journée !

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    1. Oui il est super réussi, les heures de travail! Merci pour votre passage Dominique ,c’est toujours avec plaisir, vu que j’ai la chance de lire du français! C’est mon blog et si je veux, je fais du favoritisme, Non mais…

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