Poetic and Surreal Photography by Diggie Vitt


Poetic and Surreal Photography by Diggie Vitt

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Diggie Vittt’s photography extends the boundaries of reality in mind-blowing ways that range from subtle to outlandishly impossible. In one photo Diggie’s model is steaming with heat rolling from his body, a surreal look at man, but in the next photo the same model has flames bursting from his sleeves while in relaxing motions he wipes sweat from his brow. Diggie’s photographs take us on journeys of fun and confusion. The child in all of us would love to be lighting the giant candle atop a massive cupcake before we dive into to fill our childhood fantasies. Who among us can imagine our heads wrapped in thick flaming ropes? Diggie Vitt can imagine it and photographs it for us.

The amazing imagery from Diggie Vitt helps expand our view of reality and fantasy in fun and sometimes unsettling ways. A visual feast of excitement is found in every collection from Diggie.

11 thoughts on “Poetic and Surreal Photography by Diggie Vitt

    1. Please read all about blog; if you have not done so already!
      I am curator of artistic content online.
      I select the work of artists in trend.
      This is a job that I know well and that I repeat for almost ten years.
      The world of art is vast, it is rich in cultures.
      Art is a language that can be learned.
      Everything goes through a form of teaching.
      It is also a personal journey.
      A new dimension, a real open-mindedness.
      These artists that I represent reflect our time.
      I am not responsible for the effect that their work will produce on you!
      This blog is not made to satisfy you personally;
      do you re-read,croyez-vous that the world revolves around you!
      You can think what you want and you have the right not to love.
      For your remarks, contact the artists directly.
      This is not an office for claims.
      Be grateful may this be free.

      If you are already perplexed by the work of this artist; it is certain that you will have strong disappointments or even shocks.
      You are not used to it, but maybe you could.

      Only, if you think that your limite has started,or one of your taboos is reached…
      You are the only one to decide; or you persevere or you stop everything.
      Do not inflict so much inconvenience if your nature is shaken!
      Symbolism holds a large place in creativity.
      The quality of your interpretations is essential.

      Please come out of these manichaean thoughts.
      There are so many nuances to explore, emotions to feel.
      Exactly you should question yourself.
      It is an analytical work related to your deep psychology.
      A series of themes for you to put in situation.
      You could do your research on surrealism.

      Please do not complain like a child who has not had his lot of cartoons or soppiness.
      So do not continue to follow this blog.
      You may not be able to recover, because here, there is of everything.
      From the best until the worst.
      All the colors and all the races of arts: it is all the interest!
      Contemporary art is an intellectual movement to which one adheres or not.

      It is not made for all, nor to spare you, it is reserved for open minds, non-discriminatory.
      Judgments inconsiderate and prudishness misplaced, have no place here.
      Art has no limits.


    2. Excuse me?
      Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?

      Me not liking this installment warranted you undermining my knowledge and taste? You don’t know my background, so please don’t put yourself on higher ground.
      Also, not to burst your bubble, but art is very much subjective, and people can have different reactions. One cannot be “taught” to like a certain piece.
      This is free? Guess what? I can browse the Internet for other free content. Or go to galleries and pay. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean I need to eat it up.
      And I’m not whining. Just stating my opinions.

      Honestly, your response boggles my mind. Because it has NOTHING to do with what I said. And you kicking and screaming about open-mindedness and discrimination fits PERFECTLY with the nonsense of the rest of the comment.


  1. lovely! i’m attempting to dose my writing with surrealism … check out underwater churches and islands floating on crocodiles in my stories when you have time 🙂


Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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