Brilliantly Creepy Gifs From Old Photographs by Kevin Weir


Brilliantly Creepy Gifs From Old Photographs by Kevin Weir

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Art director and designer Kevin Weir uses historical black and white photographs forgotten to time as the basis for his quirky—and slightly disturbing—animated GIFs. His path to online GIF superstardom began when he was in high school. He tells us that “my parents’ boss bought me a copy of Photoshop and I decided I wanted to be some kind of designer.” Having mastered the software, he found himself five years later “making black and white GIFs as a way to occupy myself during the downtime of an internship I had during grad school.” He shared the images on his Tumblr, Flux Machine where they quickly went viral.

Weir makes use of photographs he finds in the Library of Congress online archive, and is deeply drawn to what he calls “unknowable places and persons,” images with little connection to present day that he can use as blank canvas for his weird ideas. Perhaps it’s the nature of his imagination, or maybe a result of the medium’s limited frames of animation to communicate anything too serious, but despite the creepiness factor, it’s hard to not to smile at the absurdity of his ideas.


16 thoughts on “Brilliantly Creepy Gifs From Old Photographs by Kevin Weir

    1. The blog had to be a dark blog essentially; but when I posted dark enough soft; this was poorly noted.
      First, I had to build a group of faithful followers.

      There I have the world, but not enough …
      There are some who will leave, so that others like you, replace them.
      I will change followers, it will be a little long.
      But I can vary the styles, and publish all kinds of art and artists intersting, in order to satisfy everyone, while you discover the best trends. I hope so!

      Some do not distinguish between surrealism and reality.
      They lack imagination! that makes them anxious.
      While for artists like to provoke this amuses them.
      But their work is also remarkable.
      It is also a question of open-mindedness.
      The macabre, the dramarturgy, existed well before the comedy.

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    1. Hello
      Oui, je suis d’accord, c’est un post lumineux, mais seul le reblog est permis! Merci
      Vous auriez dû me demander, il n’y a plus le bouton wordpress sur le blog; cela signifie que vous ne pouvez pas faire de via. Donc si vous voulez bien les enlever svp, je vous remercie.


    2. I think it’s sad I cannot share your things if I like them, and I would like to spread the nice posts you create. I’m in no way trying to get credit or whatever


    3. Mais ce n’est pas bien grave, vous allez y arriver!

      Et aussi vérifiez bien vos réglages, c’est peut-être un oubli?
      Ou bien un mauvais fonctionnement?

      Simplement pour rebloguer, il faut aller tout en bas du post.

      Le reblog est écrit sur fond blanc rectangulaire avec 2 flèches en tête à queue et il se trouve en dessous des autres, à côté du “Like”.
      Je pense que vous n’avez pas dû le voir, ah, ah!
      Parce-que les reblogs fonctionnent normalement ici.


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