Surreal Universe Illustration Of Daehyun Kim’s life

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Surreal Universe Illustration Of  Daehyun Kim’s life

Artist Daehyun Kim started to create his evocative, mystical Moonassi world out of ink while studying oriental painting in Seoul, South Korea, and has continued to grow it ever since. “The series is my life-time project,” the artist explains on his website. “

There is no specific background story or a theory about the drawing. Each drawing is created based on my daily thoughts and feelings. I draw to meditate on myself and others, and to be able to see the whole story of the series in the end.”

Daehyun operates out of a world in which the oceans are both shallow and bottomless, light is dark and dark is light, the moon acts as a torch, an eye and a character’s inner being are one and there’s nothing to do but reflect on your own existence all day, and it’s completely spell-binding.


12 thoughts on “Surreal Universe Illustration Of Daehyun Kim’s life

    1. YES, I really like the compositions of this humble and great philosopher artist, on the duality of being, on the meditation of oneself and others, without forgetting contemplation!
      Like you with the birds!
      I am a contemplator too…


    2. Enjoy your exploration Kelly, as long as you can still swim …
      take away those whom you love, far from the troubled waters, contaminated by man, and his stupidity, his cruelty and selfishness!


  1. It is hardly fair to speak of favorites, since so many of these images gently ripple the surface of reality in a way that re-sorts the world and offers a moment away from the literal, but I am especially touched by the images that include sewing needle and thread. Thought-provoking, meditative. It is a quiet joy to scroll through them. Thank you.

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    1. Hello miss Frog
      (I’m kidding, in love with her creatures, I also have an identical avatar on my mail and a piglet on Linkedin !!)

      If I had the financial means I will hire you to write the texts of my publications!
      I hate to write because I’m exhausted, but I like the figures of language, especially the symbol and the metaphor.
      Finally, I also appreciate the subversive side of speech.
      Sometimes I am totally lacking flexibility in some exchanges.

      Your way of speaking is very interesting and distinct!

      How nice to read your interpretation, about this artist.
      Yes, these paintings are like a kind of writing: a mixture of Buddhism, psychoanalysis and philosophy.
      I made a text with a friend about the signication of his works.

      I, who know the author well, can say that this young and charming man has achieved his accomplishment.
      I am one of his followers, even if I am older …

      I’ll be inspired by it, when I want it.
      So follow me, you will see all these artists are crazy enough and so wonderful.
      However, there is everything (I want to talk about obscure, shocking subjects) in art.
      I have a great fascination for these artists.
      Be warned.

      Thank you for your kind passage!

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Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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