Robin Wight Creates Mystical Fairy Wire Sculptures

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Robin Wight Creates Mystical Fairy Sculptures With Stainless Steel Wire

Fantasywire or Facebook.

In 1920, two young girls captured a photograph of what appeared to be two fairies in their garden.

The photos soon would be revealed as a hoax, but not before setting off a media sensation. Sculptor Robin Wight couldn’t help but remember this phenomenon after noticing a distortion in a photo he took a few years ago. Inspired, he began creating what has become an incredible series of fairy wire sculptures.

The stainless steel sculptures have become quite the sensation in their own right, with many eager art lovers seeking commissioned works by Robin.

His fairies have a sense of both power and grace to them, giving off an aura of determination and fierce beauty.

The pieces interact fantastically with nature just as actual fairies would, with their steel wire bodies reflecting the amber light of the sun on nice days and bouncing away the cold rain during storms.

Source: Reddit | Facebook

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10 thoughts on “Robin Wight Creates Mystical Fairy Wire Sculptures

  1. really amazing work. I was reminded of something my son created years ago. a wire sculpture. had to share on FB just now with him….


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