Portraits of the Double-faced Women By Sebastian Bieniek



Portraits of the Double-faced Women By Sebastian Bieniek By Sebastian Bieniek

Doublefaced is an intriguing series by Berlin-based German artist Sebastian Bieniek that features portraits of a girl with the illusion of two faces. By simply drawing on each side of his model’s head with common makeup products like eyeliner and lipstick, Bieniek transforms the young woman into a eerie set of twins. He cleverly uses one of her own eyes and another drawn eye, applied further towards her temple, to simulate a forward-facing female on the side of her actual face.

The images of the dual-faced subject are both eye-catching and, at times, terrifying. She seems to be an experiment gone awry and set loose in public and private spaces. Just like her hybrid form, one is left feeling mixed emotions by her believable presence. Duality and illusion are strong thematic elements of the series that does a brilliant job of tricking the eye. The model’s hair also plays a large part in the effective illusion, separating the two faces or simply framing the one faux face.

“This curious and thought provoking project alludes to the duality of human nature and challenge our ideas of beauty. In a sense, Bieniek goes Picasso on his models’ portraits, drawing alternate faces on their heads and using parts of their features — primarily the eyes and hair — to create portraits with unique expressions and an illustrative sensibility.”

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Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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