Theron Humphrey’s Maddie On Things

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Theron Humphrey’s Maddie On Things

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There comes a time in life when you start questioning things; what you have achieved so far, whether you are happy with your life or whether you are in fact the person you actually want to be. Dissatisfied with his everyday life working in a big corporate photo studio, American photographer Theron Humphrey decided to leave it all behind and go on a yearlong cross-county road trip across all 50 states in the hope of photographing a project he was passionate about. And what he describes as ‘This Wild Idea’, a photojournalist project of meeting folks, loving folks, living the dream”, documents those little everyday moments that make up a life. However, what he didn’t realize was how Maddie, a friendly coonhound he adopted from an animal shelter just before his trip, would end up changing his life.

Source: Maddie On Things



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10 thoughts on “Theron Humphrey’s Maddie On Things

  1. This post makes me so. happy!!! I love dogs and work at a doggy care and have many amazing candid with some of my furry friends 💜 they are so amazing!


    1. I place animals well above human beings; they are pure and sensitive creatures; whether domesticated or not, we must love and protect them!
      Consuming their flesh is an act against nature. The mentalities will have to evolve at all costs.
      Because to respect their life. would need to be a natural thing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I think an equilibrist is hidden in dog’s body …ah, ah!
      It must be admitted that she has a lot of charm.
      The dog is really the best friend of the man, and his child at the same time!

      Liked by 1 person

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