The Funniest Finalists of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

The Funniest Finalists of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

This is how we can enjoy pictures portraying two deer that seem to dance together, two Komodo dragons that seem to hug each other, and bear cubs hiding from their mum. These are only a few protagonists of the finalists of the photo contest that shows us the funniest side of nature every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Now in its fifth edition, the competition aims to showcase the animal and natural world in a light and cheerful way to remind us the most important thing: conservation. “We want you to take up our banner of wildlife conservation, bang the drum, beat the cymbal and make some noise,” write the two competition founders, Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks. “We need to spread the word – wildlife, as we know it, is in danger, all over the world and we need to do something to help save it”.

The revenues will support the international organisation for the protection of wildlife, the Born Free Foundation.

Finally, if you just can’t get enough of these silly animals and you like books, you will soon be able to get a copy of Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullan’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Vol. 2 It will be published in hardback on 4 October 2018, and you can get it for £9.99.


21 thoughts on “The Funniest Finalists of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

  1. So good. an enjoyable way to spend some time on a rainy Saturday afternoon
    Tellement bon. Une façon agréable de passer du temps un samedi après-midi pluvieux


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