Cold-blooded Creatures by Matthijs Kuijpers Photography

The plumed basilisk (Basiliscus-plumifrons)
The Guiana shield leaf toad (Rhinella lescurei)
Ranitomeya veriablis, Spotted dart frog,Peru
Trioceros jacksonii, Jackson’s horned chameleon
Boa constrictor albino
Chalcides sexlineatus, Gran Canaria blue-tailed skink, Gran Canaria island, Canary islands, Spain
Yellow-banded poison dart frog (Dendrobates leucomelas)
Blue rock iguana (Cyclura lewisi)
Red salamander (Pseudotriton ruber)
Serrated casquehead iguana (Laemanctus serratus)
White-lipped island pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris insularis)
Gekko smithii
Popeia fucata
Siamese Peninsula Pitviper (Popeia fucata)
Cameroon dwarf gecko (Lygodactylus conraui)
Pantherophis guttata, two headed snake

Cold-blooded Creatures: Matthijs Kuijpers Photography.


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Matthijs Kuijpers is a Dutch adventurer and photographer. He spent the last 27 years traveling and taking pictures of the most dangerous, surprising and endangered cold blooded animals out there.

Matthijs collected his best shots in his first book: Cold Instinct. In order to make this a reality, he just launched a crowdfunding campaign.

This book is an unparalleled collection of some of the most peculiar species that has ever crawled or slithered on Earth; and some of which are carefully dwelling in the most hidden crevices of the Planet!




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