New York City’s Pigeons, Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before



New York City’s Pigeons, Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before.

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Andrew Garn loves pigeons. The New York City photographer has captured in his delightful photo book The New York Pigeon: Behind the Feathers, the often disregarded beauty of these birds.

Humans and pigeons have a long and storied history. We’ve used pigeons in communication and in entertainment. We even tried to use them in war.

“I see them as jewels,” he told Audubon  magazine. And in his lovingly composed photographs, that’s exactly what the pigeons look like. Their feathers iridesce like oil slicks. Their bright eyes reveal a keen curiosity about the world around them. Each bird is unique, and each is beautiful.

H/T: mentalfloss

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17 thoughts on “New York City’s Pigeons, Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

    1. Oh yes, now I remember. I usually read the “about” section before following, however, and I remember yours now. But with so many contacts the survey and memory can get lost. What’s worse, I remember looking for the artist here, but somehow I didn’t find the text about him. Perhaps the photos were just too stunning!? Sorry about it! Anyhow, now it’s “in”.

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  1. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful beings and photo taking! My mother rescued a pigeon in a box that was being tormented by a boy. She brought it home & we cared for her for years before she died, I believe of old age. She taught me that pigeons are capable of loving. She flew to my dad in the mornings when she awoke. She crawled under his hand to be loved on as she made a strange purring sound. It was a neat experience to know a pigeon in such a way. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Thanks to you dear “animal lover””, you tell stories touching and that delighted me!
      We must help these innocent beings.
      Like you, I respect animal life because for me it is sacred.
      I became a vegan by compassion.

      I showed your beautiful pictures of your cute lizard to my companion; he adores them! (Incredible, those in the car)


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  2. Vanina, you have made me smile! I thank you for such kind words. It is always so pleasing to know that another sees the beautiful creatures for what they are… they have shown more love, given more joy, than the humans in many scenarios! Thanks also for sharing my Murph! I’m happy you two appreciated him!

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