My Story:

 I am semi-handicapped and partially visually impaired; but I put all my energy to the content curation from my Scopic Impulse blog and my art. (digital artworks on behance)

At the exit of the hospital of my companion, so as to succeed in our rehabilitation of the house and all that supposes of installation for a life in a minimum of comfort. autonomy and dignity ..
I appeal to your donations, gestures,. (others propositions) and your generosity …
For a couple who has been forced to disunite because of serious illnesses and our respective disabilities.
For 4 years. for so many years of pain, anxiety, trauma, various pathologies, total loss of pain marks, psychological suffering, permanent struggle against death.
Against the cruel separation of two lovers.
These profiteers of the tutorship / curatorship regime, which led us to isolation, despair and this precarious situation.
Because of the deplorable lack of help from the political system and the shameful marginalization of French social services, the non-protection of people in difficulty or weakness concerning the Ministry of Health.
We are both artists and, before these series of catastrophic events, we had to get married.
Imagine how much we need to heal ourselves
sheltered from the miscreants or associatons mandated by the justice for extortion of the allocations of french.people.
And lack of support, family / friends. In contrast, their interest in the gossip, the rejection and the worst humiliation on their part!

All of which a human being needs just to exist; we have been deprived of it for years. Envy by the fear and sorrow of imagining the death of the other … led us to hell …
Overwhelmed, frustrated, robbed, without means to defend ourselves: we had to survive with one, the hope of finding oneself, and love as the only spiritual food.

So please, make a move if you can!
Because we have to start from scratch …

Thank you for all our heart!
Vanina Lys

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