Realistic Portraits by Melissa Cooke

  Realistic Portraits by Melissa Cooke on Tumblr | Instagram “Specializing in graphite on paper, her work investigates the relationship between photography, performance and drawing in portraiture. Melissa Cooke 's drawings are made by dusting thin layers of graphite onto paper with a dry brush. The softness of the graphite provides a smooth surface that … Continue reading Realistic Portraits by Melissa Cooke

Hyperreal Pencil Drawings by Nigerian artist

Hyperreal Pencil Drawings by Arinze Stanley Facebook | Instagram Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley creates incredibly realistic large-scale portraits using graphite and charcoal pencils on paper. “Spending upwards of 200 hours on an artwork, Stanley agonizes over the most minute details of each piece to painstakingly capture reflections of light, droplets of sweat, or tangles of … Continue reading Hyperreal Pencil Drawings by Nigerian artist