Anatomical Sculptures by Claude-Olivier

Anatomical Sculptures by Claude-Olivier Guay At the outset, these sculptures by artist Claude-Olivier Guay appear like a jumble of wire and feathers folded into a heap, but each hides a remarkable secret. Working only with a pair of pliers, Guay folds, bends, and twists an inner framework of hidden creatures that dramatically transform with a bit of … Continue reading Anatomical Sculptures by Claude-Olivier


Sumptuous Orbital Mechanics Complexity Graphics By Tatiana Plakhova

      Sumptuous Orbital Mechanics Complexity Graphics By Tatiana Plakhova  On Behance Russian artist Tatiana Plakhova  / Complexity Graphics  made a series entitled “Orbital Mechanics” in which she shows in a very graphic way, circular forms which look like the solar system and mappemondes. Enregistrer