Ziqian Liu Creates Surreal & Minimalist Self-Portraits Surrounded By Flowers And Fruits

  Ziqian Liu Creates Surreal & Minimalist Self-Portraits Surrounded By Flowers And Fruits More: Instagram Here is a very delicate Instagram gallery. Ziqian Liu specialises in self-portrait. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. By playing with mirror and reflection, she deconstructs her body with poetry and originality

Realistic Portraits by Melissa Cooke

  Realistic Portraits by Melissa Cooke on Tumblr | Instagram “Specializing in graphite on paper, her work investigates the relationship between photography, performance and drawing in portraiture. Melissa Cooke 's drawings are made by dusting thin layers of graphite onto paper with a dry brush. The softness of the graphite provides a smooth surface that … Continue reading Realistic Portraits by Melissa Cooke

The Surreal and Conceptual Portraits of Alicia Savage

The Surreal Self-Portraits of Alicia Savage "Alicia Savage captures her life with a surreal twist that pushes beyond the static point and shoot. From absurd flights of fancy to soft reflective moments, each self-portrait conveys an independent sense of travel or transcendence: movement that emphasizes the importance of dreaming in relation to personal  exploration and … Continue reading The Surreal and Conceptual Portraits of Alicia Savage

Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker

Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker Twenty one-year-old photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression in powerful self-portraits. The series of black and white images illustrates the photographer’s experience with depression and anxiety. In an attempt to raise awareness of the topic, Honaker says about the project: “Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic. … Continue reading Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker

Iréel by Flora Borsi

Iréel by Flora Borsi on Behance "Flora Borsi is a popular artist from Budapest, Hungary. She has specialized digital photography. Her works it to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation. She is an expert in this art. She is noted for the digital manipulation. She is very well known for her … Continue reading Iréel by Flora Borsi

Surreal Self-Portraiture of Kyle Thompson

 Surreal Self-Portraiture of Kyle Thompson Flickr, Facebook or Tumblr Chicago-based photographer Kyle Thompson wowed us with his surreal self-portraits nine months ago and he hasn’t quit churning out striking photos yet. The 21-year-old has been on a roll, introducing one compelling shot after another for his own ambitious 365 photo project. Having just recently completed … Continue reading Surreal Self-Portraiture of Kyle Thompson