Nathan Coley’s amazing light installations

Nathan Coleys Amazing Light Installations British seaside towns are often associated with retirement and the idea of a “last resort”. The melancholy of these locations is touched upon by Nathan Coley’s illuminated text sculpture, Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens, seen against the sky in Tontine Street. While formally suggesting the expectation of … Continue reading Nathan Coley’s amazing light installations

NSFW – Malika Favre’s Animated Kama Sutra Alphabet

NSFW - Malika Favre’s Animated Kama Sutra Alphabet See: The Kama Sutra/letters In 2011, illustrator and graphic designer Mailka Favre was commissioned by Penguin Books to illustrate the new Deluxe Classic Cover of the Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana. Using the first 7 letters she illustrated for the commission as a starting point, Favre decided to … Continue reading NSFW – Malika Favre’s Animated Kama Sutra Alphabet

Beautiful Typography by Xavier Casalta

Beautiful Typography by Xavier Casalta on Behance Aged only 21, the French artist Xavier Casalta is working on illustrations and typography in all black & white dots, using essentially a Isograph 0,10mm pen. A rendering of a high quality, to discover with in the article with a selection of his works, including numerous versions of … Continue reading Beautiful Typography by Xavier Casalta

Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele

Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele Olivia Steele is a conceptual artist that uses neon lighting to “charge spaces with ironic and spiritual meaning”. Based in Berlin, Olivia Steele is an artist who uses light and neons to add meaning and irony to a place. She creates Lignes de base spirituelles we can interpret as … Continue reading Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele