Awesome Stairs Street Art Colorful Around The World

16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco
credits: yellofish
16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco
credits: Jordan Wong
     Philadelphia Museum of Art
credits: rleigh
 Valparaíso, Chile
credits: : oueduabroad.
 Seoul, South Korea
Kevin Lowry
Lima, Peru
credits: Xomatok
Wuppertal, Germany
credits: frizztext
 Sicily, Italy


 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Stairs to the musical theater in Seoul, South Korea
Image credits: Kimhwan SEOULIST
 Stairs to the musical theater in Seoul, South Korea
Image credits:  romycareca2004
Stairs of Peace in Syria
Image credits: Jood Voluntary Team
 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Image credits:
 Angers, France
Image credits: Mademoiselle Maurice
 Istanbul, Turkey
Image credits: DHA
Morlaix, France
Image credits: ZAG
Tehran, Iran
Image credits: farsizaban
Beirut, Lebanon
credits: Dihzahyners Project
Awesome Stairs Street Art Colorful Around The World


There are many forms of street art out there, but those that create optical illusions or that can only be viewed from a certain angle or distance seem to inspire the most delight and surprise. Steps are one of the most daring canvases for street artists, perfect for abstract decorations as well as for realistic portraits that are only visible from afar. This collection of 18 of the most creatively decorated public outdoor stairs around the world will prove you that stairs are meant to become pieces of art.

via: demilked  & Hative

15 thoughts on “Awesome Stairs Street Art Colorful Around The World

  1. This series is absolutely divine. There’s something quite magical about stairs to begin with, but these artful perspectives superimposed on our cheat against gravity and winglessness are unadulterated wonderment. Thank you for collating and sharing this collection…

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    1. These publications are captivating year after year.
      The art of the community street is reflected in a solidarity movement that should serve as an example.
      Visually, it is a joyful decorative art; technical especially on the stairs, with the perfect balance of relation between geometric figures.
      I am always charmed by the work of art …
      The photographers are really skilled and artists are passionate and essentially motivated by innovation.
      In various fields, they are all excellent in their own way.
      Although our time is less focused on pure aesthetic beauty, art nevertheless remains fruitful, developing new capacities while seeking its legitimacy.
      windstrewn, thank you for your comments!

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    2. I am grateful for the investment of time your response represents! And it’s a bit of an eye-opener into the motivations, aims and varied investments of a community. I’m fascinated by the blatantly obvious utility of artwork overlaid on steps; similar to the murals with which we are so familiar, but dimensional in another way entirely. And proof that art can survive the trespass of everyday foot, unlike the relative safety of being wall-hung or safe-kept for centuries on the ceilings and arches of a cathedral. Art is tenacious, as are the spirits who bring it to life with simply a belief and a canvas of kinds. It’s peculiarly stirring to see it drape the otherwise mundane and laborious elements of everyday living, as in these examples. Again, thanks for sharing!


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