The Disturbingly Dark Paintings by Nicola Samorì

The Disturbingly Dark Paintings by Nicola Samorì Italian artist Nicola Samorì was born in 1977 in Forlì. Nowadays, the artist lives and works in Bagnacavallo. Nicola Samorì’s paintings and sculptures are inspired by the work of the old masters but with the addition of scary motives to achieve this dark mood. Nicola Samorì is Baroque-style paintings … Continue reading The Disturbingly Dark Paintings by Nicola Samorì

Creative “Skull-ptures” by Hedi Xandt

Creative “Skull-ptures” by Hedi Xandt Hedi Xandt’s work is everything of modern sculpture madness. The Hamburg based artist of Norwegian descent creates magnificent sculptures inspired from fine arts, mythology and sculptures in the ancient periods which he then casts with a dark, elegant twist resulting in minimal yet striking creations which you can’t keep your … Continue reading Creative “Skull-ptures” by Hedi Xandt

Zdzisław Beksiński Learns How To “Photograph Dreams” to Create Nightmarish Illustrations

Zdzisław Beksiński  Learns How To "Photograph Dreams" to Create Nightmarish Illustrations Whilst some artist's make a name for themselves through depicting reality, Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński's artworks take on a far darker, abstract form thanks to his ability to capture moments that would only ever be possible within a dream world. Filled with surreal creatures set … Continue reading Zdzisław Beksiński Learns How To “Photograph Dreams” to Create Nightmarish Illustrations

Horrifying Mini-Figurines by Jessica Harrison

Horrifying Mini-Figurines by Jessica Harrison  Artist Jessica Harrison’s work deals with “the body in space, the space within the body and the space in-between the two.”“My work is based on physiological, philosophical and psychoanalytical research into the body and its senses, focusing in particular on the role of touch in our experience of objects and … Continue reading Horrifying Mini-Figurines by Jessica Harrison

Skeletal Caged Couture by Nika Danielska

Skeletal Caged Couture by Nika Danielska Macabre in style and sharp in design, these fetish fashion designs by Nika Danielska feature skeletal cages that constrict and contort the body for the sake of fashion. Face masks, neck braces and shoulder spikes make up this daring collection, blurring the lines between pain and couture with their … Continue reading Skeletal Caged Couture by Nika Danielska

Skeleton Coffee Table by Skelemental

  Skeleton Coffee Table by Skelemental This is Full Throttle, a rather unusual skeleton coffee table, and Skelemental’s first piece of furniture. Full size skeleton busts, one being strangled by the other. Bronze skeletons on a brushed steel base. Limited edition of just three sculptures. The unusual table is made from a brushed steel base … Continue reading Skeleton Coffee Table by Skelemental