Disturbing & Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society *shocking content*

 These images are aimed at an informed public!


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At first glance, the colourful illustrations of Spanish artist Gunsmithcat (aka Luis Quiles) look innocent enough, until you look a little closer. His work is a unique combination of real-life events and current affairs blended with numerous pop culture references from the world of film, gaming, TV and technology.

Luis Quiles is a Spanish illustrator with extraordinary talent. His colorful, comic pencil stroke is full of cynicism and sarcasm. This opposition between the drawings in themselves and the messages they see allows to shock and to challenge all those who admire them, confronting them violently through the Man and his society.

Between violence, perversion, religion, consumption, politics, sexism, poverty, homophobia, Third World, famine, and many other themes, nothing escapes the sharp eye and the unequivocal judgment of this artist engaged and horribly talented.

His confronting illustrations focus on range of complex and controversial issues including homophobia, sexism, censorship, corporate greed and even child violence. It often makes for unsettling viewing, knowing just how close to the truth he is at times.

Whilst others might have use their artistic talent purely for commercial gain or played it safe, Gunsmithcat opted and aspired for more. His work is a reminder of the darker side of modern society, a raw and unflinching look at the devious nature of the human psyche.

Through his art, Quiles sums up a wide range of controversial issues ranging from the free sale of drug addiction, corruption, violence, child abuse, and most relevant of all, our obsession of social media culture.

There is something brutal, captivating, and revealing that is expressed through every illustration, perhaps in part because of the apparent truth that exists in the messages. Many of them are hard to look at, but they all look like an exact representation of the riddles that plague our world today.

Some Explanations:

The forcing of cheap food to a docile and lethargic audience.

Given the rising cost of living, which continues to increase at an alarming rate, with an economy pushing more and more people to a lower socio-economic level, many families and students are gorging themselves essentially on good food. market because it’s their only option. Does the design of our systems take into account nutrition that stimulates our optimal cognitive and energy capabilities?

A lack of nutritious food makes a nation lethargic and docile.


The censorship of the freedom of thought and the consequences that follow when you speak.

It is interesting to see how the laws, regulations and programs that exist around fear limit our choices and thoughts in countries that declare to be “free”. One can be severely penalized for daring to challenge the belief systems of his government. There is something curious about this censorship.

The hand of religion to poverty.

It is no secret that the predominant religious institutions are among the richest organizations in our present world. Yet even among all currencies and gold, the stakes are high, with their pretense of being indispensable to the salvation of the world, these institutions have failed to solve the pandemic of poverty around the world. Ironically, many developing countries are wrapped up in the ideological atmosphere of organized religion, following diligent teachings without paralleling the fact that these institutions have the means to help.

How is female sexuality used to deflect hormone-focused attention from the male population?

Multinationals do not make differences

It’s rampant in all media forms today. The hyper-sexualized image of women, used to stimulate a population led by men’s testosterone. Not only is it widespread in the media, but it is also witnessed in various aspects of modern day culture. For example, many restaurants or cafes require girls to wear skirts, heels, or even boots, to appeal to a specific audience. Female celebrities of pop are also generally sexually exploited in the mainstream media. Another example of the dominant male influences that is at the top of the scale.

“Generation notifications”; The madness of social media on the population.

Social networks have undoubtedly changed the way we connect on the internet, but it is difficult to say now if these conditions have a positive or harmful effect, this subject is much debate. Today we see a high percentage of young people and adults who are literally dependent on their phones, iPads, or laptops. It’s almost starting to move towards a physical and technological fusion with man, where the line between the reality of social networks and everyday reality is continually disappearing. There are several platforms available nowadays, many of which are a waste of time, by scrolling endless news. How will this relationship with social media evolve over the next few years? Case to follow …

Innocent victims of useless wars..

How can we continue to hurt innocent civilians? That’s incomprehensible. Children who grow up around the devastation of war are often the subject of by-products of weapons of war, ie, firearms and radiation lead to amputation. Whether we support the “war on terror” or not, we can not support the absurdity of the killers of innocent children in the name of defending their own country.

The push to the extreme that money holds over the people.

With the way the system is being put in place, it’s almost as if people are intentionally opposing each other as a giant game on the survival of the fittest. As these famous lines indicate, “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Virtually all sectors today are fueled by financial gain. Some are willing to take great means to achieve their ends in the name of money.

Sadly, we see financial interests literally destroying the planet, destroying ecosystems and wildlife at an unsustainable pace. How did a system of manufactured values ​​come to be a possible downfall of the whole planet? Will humanity wake up from its own madness before it’s too late?

How professional athletes are used as products.

All is said.

How pharmaceuticals turn a population into zombies, killing us slowly.

‘The Times’ analysis of death statistics in 2009 found: • For the first time in the United States, more people were killed by drugs than by motor vehicle accidents. • 37,485 people died because of medication, a rate fueled by overdoses of prescriptions for pain and anxiety, compared to 36,284 people in car accidents • Drug-related deaths doubled among teens and youth adults between 2000 and 2008, and tripled among people aged 50 to 69 years. These facts are based off of the legal statistics of prescription drugs.

It is estimated that more than 450,000 adverse events are drug related each year. The costs of adverse drug effects are estimated at billions of euros each year – more than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care. Based on records from 1976 to 2006, researchers found 62 million death certificates related to prescription drugs in the United States, nearly a quarter of the millions of these deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital because of a medical error.

Amazon.fr – Riots – Luis Quiles

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14 thoughts on “Disturbing & Uncensored Artworks That Reflect Modern Society *shocking content*

  1. some of those images speak more words than many of us could in a life time. Perhaps it resonates with me more considering I used to be a activist.
    Either way they are powerful!


    1. Well, congratulations for your activism and thank you for this well-known and talented artist; who has convictions and the courage to simply state the truth! Beyond his artistic actions, he is a true humanist.

      Liked by 1 person

Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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