Amanda Parer Brings Massive Australian Rabbits to North America (THE VIA ARE NOT ALLOWED)



Amanda Parer Brings Massive Australian Rabbits to North America

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A light installation of giant inflatable bunnies is touring North America, just in time for Easter. Intrude is by artist Amanda Parer, who wants to invoke the childhood fairytale associations of bunny rabbits, but imbues the work with a darker subtext. “The rabbit is also an animal of contradiction,” writes Parer in her description of the installation. In the artist’s native Australia, rabbits are pests introduced by white colonialists and whose population soon became entirely out of control, decimating many native plant species.

In a statement, the artist said, “I expect people will be drawn to the rabbits’ playful appearance, and I hope they will also take the time to understand the deeper meaning in the work and discuss how our actions impact the natural world in which we all live.”

The installation arrives in San Francisco next week, and will spend the spring and summer New York, LA, Houston, and Colorado. Have the Intrude experience via the video below.


9 thoughts on “Amanda Parer Brings Massive Australian Rabbits to North America (THE VIA ARE NOT ALLOWED)

  1. You persist in doing ‘via’ with my publications, knowing that they are not allowed!
    All this is really annoying, you thought you had done well but you could have asked to find an arrangement.
    You should have done “reblogs”;
    because all is in the rules, so as to keep:
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    the link of the blog including especially the Gravatar.

    I find your attitude quite strange.
    You may have the sense of contradiction!

    Thinking it would be enough to stop your “via”.
    We had to remove the wordpress button on purpose!

    But you continue, and you do not mind to publish a post “via” with in the title (via is not allowed)!
    It’s insane even pathetic!

    Besides display only one photo while I spent time carefully choosing long series of images.
    It is insufficient for correctly represent an artist.

    I understand that you are happy and that you like these posts.

    But please, next time, do a reblog or do nothing.
    Thank you for your future understanding and cooperation, I

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Artists deserve respect. Even if it bothers you and you don't like their work; refrain from negative opinions, non-constructive remarks. Opt for an objective analysis of the work as well as a good understanding of the author's intentions..Thx

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