Intricate Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko



Intricate Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

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Baking and mathematics collide with Lauren Ko’s incredible pies and tarts. Seattle-based Ko has no professional pastry training nor experience, but her creations are mesmerizing. She assembles intricate geometric patterns from and with pastry and fruits—and has even recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with nuts.

Lauren Ko has only been in the pie biz for a little over a year, but you’d never be able to tell by looking at what’s coming out of the oven at her house. Her desserts are so intricate and artistic, it’s hard to imagine digging a serving knife into that beautifully-latticed crust or delicately-arranged fruit filling. Her Instagram page has blown up as a result of her culinary adventures, and she now boasts a following of more than 68 thousand.

“I usually have some nebulous idea in my head for design and then just improvise as I go along, depending on how well the dough or fruit cooperates with my vision. My final products are generally happy accidents, which is why I’m especially stunned by the feedback,” Ko told Buzzfeed News.

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32 thoughts on “Intricate Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

    1. Oh dear…..I’m afraid I don;t remember that. I usually write about my horse . But we do have a little dog. Was it a comment on something of yours?


    2. No dear Anne, rest assured, it’s me who is confused your avatars!

      I know you attached to your horse and I can not put you of appreciations, so the breeding of the animals concerns me and I fight for their rights and freedom!

      I myself (before being vegan and almost impotent) mounted horses with an intense pleasure of speed, control and freedom. The relationship between this nice animal, splendid, made of muscle, is fascinating.
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      I talked with a veterinarian, they have an intelligence and sensitivity.
      What are their real needs, to makere animals flourished.?

      Vannina Lys

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  1. You are such an inspiration!! Love your pie creations! I really want to try one myself, but am a bit intimidated. :/ Maybe one day…

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    1. I hope you do not think it’s me who makes these pies. I present only artists: it’s an art blog.
      If you are interested in this artist click on his links, or look for his videos. I do not think it’s hard enough to make these slats and assemble them geometrically.
      Regarding your epilepsy I would not advise you to stop the meat and eggs,
      Watch all your food. sugar, salt, dairy products, fats, wheat bread,, etc.
      Put on fruit vegetables and you’ll see!

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    2. Okay, thanks for the clarification!
      As for the epilepsy, my diet consists MAINLY of meat, eggs.and veggies. Am trying to do the paleo diet but am off and on with it! 🙂


    3. Hi Joy
      Unhappy! that’s all we should not do!
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    4. You don’t seem to understand – I see a naturopathic doctor who has helped me considerably over the years. I have detoxed and also I take homeopathic remedies when needed – herbal remedies also. I eat healthy – I try to avoid gluten and grains(but often don’t) and also eat fruits and veggies often. Oh my, and do I ever write! Writing in my journal each day is like therapy for me. Oh, and dating is definitely out – I’m happily married!


    5. Re Hello findingjoy

      There is no problem of understanding on my part.

      I realized very well that you did not want us were interested into your affairs; however you speak openly about your illness.

      You seem to be on the defensive for the wrong reasons.

      I assure you, I never wanted to annoy you, nor make you feel uncomfortable.
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      It is also a translation problem; English is not my native language.
      I translated too quickly:
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      _ I wanted to evoke (sex with a partner).
      not the “dating” in love.
      2) example
      I never said:
      “that you never write!”
      I said:
      “write the things that weigh you”

      I just wanted to inform you about what I know, share it and help my neighbor.

      Illness is an area I know, as well as psychology and I sometimes advise people with more receptive minds.

      Continue the path that seems the best.
      I wish you a good recovery


    6. Dear, dear. Relax. I’m not upset – never was. 🙂 Sorry if it came across that way – I was just trying to let you know that I AGREE with you about eating right and avoiding toxins. That’s all. I knew your intentions were good – I appreciate it very much. I’m receptive – hey, c’mon! It’s okay – don’t you see – we are in agreement about this! Smile and be happy! 🙂 I am not that good at expressing myself, I guess. You misunderstood my intentions. Hey, those pies are really cool, right? 😉

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    7. Hello

      I appreciate your effort dear!

      Effectively you have a “funny” way of expressing yourself.

      I passed the age of arguments.

      I have some elements with regard to the paleo diet: those are studies dating back ten years when an idiot to invent this diet.
      It is now followed by many people who, I repeat, are taken for targets and it works! Thinking that they will benefit.

      Only eating meat causes heart disease.
      As well as eggs that can give allergies.

      It is also a moral value not to eat animal flesh.
      I told you, follow your instinct.

      Eat fruits and vegetables “organic” if possible.

      (The kiwi is great because, in addition to potassium, it contains a lot of fiber and a large amount of vitamin C.)

      Omega3, potasium, selenium …. as well as all the essential trace elements.
      Yes I agree to avoid gluten, etc …
      To drink a lot of water. Fresh fruit juice.
      No sodas.

      The more natural foods you eat, the better.
      Your body but you know, contains a lot of electricity.
      Channel your stress through non-violent activity.

      Write on your blog; it’s perfect.

      Speaking of laughter and this is an exercise that should not be deprived.
      Keep your humor that makes you better!

      Although I suspect that you have certainly gone through difficult times.

      Voilà dear,
      Good continuation


  2. Beautiful ways of decorating pies! It’s great to see what’s possible if you have a bit of time and creativity. Thanks for sharing


    1. Sharing is a natural act and a real passion.
      Oh, yes, this artist’s pies are exceptional.
      But you are in a profesional contemporary art blog, with an extraordinary selection of artist.
      Look at them, if you like art. I assure you that you will be amazed and have fun.
      Thank you for thinking of coming back thank you.


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