Mesmerising Light Installations By JamesTurrell

Mesmerising Light Installations By JamesTurrell At Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg James Turrell is an American artist widely known for his explorations of light and space. “He began his career back in the 1960′s in California at a time when the Light and Space group of artists in Los Angeles was coming into prominence. Here’s a short description … Continue reading Mesmerising Light Installations By JamesTurrell

Conceptual Neon Photography by Slava Thisset

Conceptual Neon Photography by Slava Thisset on Behance To create such beautiful and conceptual settings, Russian photographer Slava Thisset aka Local Preacher, combines photography and digital art. Through her photographs, she explores the fluorescent aesthetics of neon lights with make-up, body painting, lights and photo retouching.

“My Neon Doll” by Mystery Ladies on Vimeo (nsfw)

MY NEON DOLL by Mystery Ladies  A pretty doll escaped from a 90s VHS dressed in fluo comes alive and plays between the shadow and the light. It is the blacklight performance of Lilou, great accustomed of the shows on stage, she accepted to take up the challenge of this graphic and aesthetic video between … Continue reading “My Neon Doll” by Mystery Ladies on Vimeo (nsfw)

Wild horses by Andrew McGibbon

Wild horses by Andrew McGibbon Andrew McGibbon, is a photographer from South Africa. He wanted to play tribute to wild horses, with a collection of pictures named, “All the Wild Horses”, glorifying all animals curves. "For thousands of years the horse has been mankind's closest ally. The horse made travel and development possible. We tethered, … Continue reading Wild horses by Andrew McGibbon

Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele

Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele Olivia Steele is a conceptual artist that uses neon lighting to “charge spaces with ironic and spiritual meaning”. Based in Berlin, Olivia Steele is an artist who uses light and neons to add meaning and irony to a place. She creates Lignes de base spirituelles we can interpret as … Continue reading Neon Sign Installations by Olivia Steele

The magic Tokyo, neon lights of the streets at night captured by Liam Wong

The magic Tokyo, neon lights of the streets at night captured by Liam Wong  Facebook | Instagram Liam Wong  injects a unique cyberpunk flavour into his images, casting a light upon the dark corners and back alleys that twist throughout Tokyo. His photographs manage to precisely capture the dynamism of the bustling city lit by … Continue reading The magic Tokyo, neon lights of the streets at night captured by Liam Wong

Abstract Neon Lighting Suspended Within Tate Britain

Abstract Neon Lighting Suspended Within Tate Britain Suspended from the ceiling of Tate Britain's Duveen Galleries is Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans' latest installation, over a mile of bright neon lighting broken into abstract lines and monumental curves. The piece, Forms in Space… by Light (in Time), changes with perspective, each of the work’s three sections … Continue reading Abstract Neon Lighting Suspended Within Tate Britain

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Neon photography by Neil Kryszak

Neon photography by Neil Kryszak Electronic music composer, producer, drummer and photographer Neil Kryszak believes that all art forms can communicate beautiful aesthetic values, as long as they are visually or audibly pleasing. After moving to Los Angeles, he began focusing on photography, inspired by the new surroundings and lifestyle. His pictures are characterized by … Continue reading Neon photography by Neil Kryszak